Lots and Lots of Shaving Cream

Not too long ago, a friend of mine shared a link for making shaving cream paper art… I couldn’t resist (Thanks, Vicki!). Turns out that shaving cream has many great uses – who knew! Making slime, cheap fun for kids to spray, and making the coolest marbled papers.

Okay, so I did let the kids make slime with it, but together, we made the awesome paper you’re seeing as the background for these cards that I can’t wait to share!

I mean – isn’t that so COOL??

This was our mixing process. We put the shaving cream in a shallow bowl and added dots of re-inker from Catherine Pooler Designs. The colors are so beautiful. I asked the girls to pick our colors and they were going for a mermaid background, so we went with blues and purples. This was only slightly messy, and super easy, and so beautiful in the end. I think I’ll try this again and again. It also smelled really good!

shaving cream cards - owl 2

I just kept making more and more cards with these backgrounds. This one has my favorite owl set from Lil’ Inker Designs.

shaving cream cards - mermaid with props

Here is a closer pic of the mermaid – stamp set by Hero Arts (monthly kit for May or June, I think). And two of the CP inks we used. Doesn’t that marble look amazing?!

shaving cream cards - happy bday with props

I know I keep going and going. Here’s a more muted marble, so I put a flower that I had colored in, from Catherine Pooler’s Beautiful You stamp set.

I could save some for another post – but I’m too excited to share these last two… so here goes.

shaving cream cards - medallion due

I’m in love with them! I used the cut outs from the marble papers. And a new medallion die-cut from Catherine Pooler Designs. I love this medallion and I have another medallion stamp set that I haven’t played with yet… more to come on that. For now, I used a black full cut-out, and on the white one, I just embossed it onto the card, instead of cutting all the way through. I just love the look. Did I already say ‘love’ a lot??

shaving cream cards - medallion emboss close

You can see the indents still have traces of black because I embossed this right after cutting out the black one. I have other plans for trying this more and more, very soon.

shaving cream cards - medallion emboss

shaving cream cards - medallion heart

This post could be the longest one yet. Sorry about that, but hope you’ve enjoyed. Try this shaving cream technique – it was so much fun from start to finish!


Back to school shopping… just kidding!

For some strange reason, I had the thought that school was starting up again – right now. I thought about buying school supplies again (yikes) and checking out new backpacks (fun, but yikes again). Then I woke up and realized we still have time. Phew.

One of my goals for the summer is to create teacher crafts… that I can use when needed throughout this next school year. Then I won’t be up late finishing things in time for school the next day (yes, I’m a procrastinator).

Teacher Gifts Finished

These little gardens were our end of year gift this past June. The girls picked out the plants and did the planting. I just placed the shaker card apples on top. Viola!

We found these really cool mirror vases at Pottery Barn – they were actually votive holders, but they were so huge and we thought they’d work perfectly.

Here is a closer look at the apples. Aren’t they adorable? I couldn’t wait to use these – from Lil’ Inker Designs. It’s one die-cut, with different levels, so you can make shaker cards, full apples, or outlines. I figured I’d use these a lot over the next few years. I saw the idea to use small words as part of the confetti inside the shakers, so I added that in, too.

I’ll let you know how far I get with my goal of creating teacher items ahead of time.

Now, back to summer fun – and not worrying about the start of school… yet!




You’re the BEST, friend!

I have some friends that I love. They truly are the best! I made these cards for them. πŸ™‚ And now I can share with you!

Naturally Inspired 5

These are more items from Catherine Pooler’s Naturally Inspired Stamp of Approval collection. I’m still working with it. SO much inside of that little box of stamping fun. I used the blooms stamp set and matching die-cuts, along with the spiral doily die-cut. I have to say I love that thing.

Naturally Inspired 4

I cut out the ‘best’ die-cut a few times and glued it together to make it stronger, so I could have it run across the opening. I like how that turned out.

Naturally Inspired 6

These multi-fold cards were fun and easy! I hope my friends liked them!


Fireworks in a Background Kinda Way

Wishing you a very happy 4th of July! This long weekend has been amazing!

Another amazing thing – these cool background cards I made. I am way too excited to show them off. Again, I took a tip from Jennifer McGuire to use a lot of watercolor paint and then put a pile of saran wrap on top, while it dries. This creates the awesome background design.

Naturally Inspired - Watercolor Saran

I think I’ll be trying it again soon. I bought a whole role of saran wrap… just for crafting. As my mother knows, I’m a press n’seal kinda household. Maybe I’ll give her my leftover saran wrap. haha.

Naturally Inspired - Watercolor Saran - Night Sky - Close

I used Catherine Pooler’s Naturally Inspired SOA collection. There is so much in the set.

Naturally Inspired - Watercolor Saran - White Border

Sorry I don’t have a fireworks card to share on this celebratory day. Maybe I will make one today. Hope you enjoy the holiday!



Naturally Inspired with Catherine Pooler

The weekend has finally come! And, I finally had some time to get naturally inspired with Catherine Pooler’s latest Stamp of Approval collection.

Naturally Inspired 1

These were also inspired by Jennifer McGuire. Recently, she showed how to use just the pieces from a larger die-cut, and to glue them into place. When I saw that video, I knew I wanted to try it with CP’s spiral doily die-cut. I love how it turned out! I also did the leaves two different ways. One stamped normally, and one with a drag on the ink. I like how it looks lined.

I couldn’t stop there. I had to play with the feather image from the SOA collection, too.

Naturally Inspired 8

For my birthday, I got a few more of CP’s ink colors. These are from her spring collection. I hand cut the feathers, but it wasn’t too bad. The flourish behind is a 2nd generation stamping, to get the faded coloring. It was super simple and I love how it turned out! Hope you do, too. πŸ™‚


I have some birthday thank-you’s to write (am WAY behind on that!). I think these will do just fine, for thank you notes. My friends and family are the best, so it’s perfect.

There is more to share, but I’ll save it for another lovely day. And, I’m not even half way through that SOA box… Happy July!


kids crafts: totally awesome and Fit-Story

Hey, its Gwen here! yes~we made a totally awesome card!! First, I stamped “totally awesome” on my card. I do like putting my stamps in the corner instead of the middle for some reason. I believe it makes a difference. Then, I cut out some flowers and vines. (you really can use any die-cut that you like!) You also might want a bigger die-cut in the background of the card. Like my polka-dots. After that, I grabbed some coordinating colors (Blue, pink and purple, which are my favorites), and just padded them on top of the cut-outs. Then you have to put it together on the card base. KAPOW!! now you have a card that says “totally awesome!!”


I also have been going through something at school called Fit-Story. We have learned throughout the year all about the city of Buffalo and now, we walk through all the historic places we’ve learned about. Β Its not as easy as it seems… we walk 39 miles in one week!!! This has started on Monday and its not over yet!! I am barely surviving! At least, tomorrow we get to go inside some cool mansions. WITH AIR CONDITIONING!!! I know I got so of topic and I hope you enjoy the card!!

~later, Gwen

Birthday Month with Hero Arts Mermaids and Lil’ Inker Designs Owls

We’ve been crafting! June is a huge birthday month for us… me, my daughter, nieces, nephews, and friends. So many June babies! I welcome this, because growing up, it was just me and my grandmother in this special month. Now I can share it with lots of family!

Bring in a little inspiration from Jennifer McGuire, Lil’ Inker Designs, and Hero Arts… and this is what I came up with! (Gwen also crafted with some mermaids, so look for her post in the next few days).

I’ve done the technique of using a set of die-cuts to create layers in the past, but just saw it again on one of Jennifer McGuire’s latest posts. On the owl cards, I used the leftover circles and then embossed the larger circles to create added texture.


The owls are from Lil’ Inker Designs. Check out this one below, with ‘Birthdays are a hoot’ – so cute! They are having a sale right now, by the way. Check out their site – 20% off most items! Happy birthday to me!


Last, but certainly not least, the mermaids from Hero Arts. This was part of their monthly kit and I’ve had a lot of fun with it. Their kits are well priced and have tons of great tools and new things to try. I didn’t use much of what came in this kit since I was doing the die-cutting technique, but there will be more mermaids… hope you like them!


Happy birthday to all of those June friends and family!



Tween Crafty Fun with the Creative Girls Club

When you have a tween girl… what kinds of crafts are fun? Well, apparently, these kinds. Not too long ago, I signed us up for a kids crafting monthly kit – Creative Girls Club. I wasn’t sure how it would go, but every month, they LOVE it.

This month, Gwen created a felted pocket (that she proudly hangs in her room), and a spray and sponged inspiration canvas. I think they both turned out pretty cute. What we love even more is that she is able to do these completely on her own. She is so proud of them!

For the canvas, the words were pre-embossed. She mixed up some ink sprayers (that came with the kit) and sprayed 3 colors all over the canvas. If she had wanted to, she could have left the colors more separated, but she blended them all.

Here is a close up of the felt pouch project (and her cute little nose – oops!).


In previous months, we’ve had really cool sand projects, with sticker areas that help you create a design. We also had a very glittery project – and I STILL find glitter in places around the house. Life with girls… right?! πŸ™‚



Bringing Back the Stampin’ Up Petals

Comfort and Healing - Both Stagg

Sometimes, we need cards for sad occasions. This week, I needed two. I didn’t want the cards to look sad, though… so I broke out the Stampin’ Up flowers that everyone probably recognizes. I bought them years ago, and they are still popular enough to be in the newest catalog!

I was inspired by Nina-Marie Trapani, who created a multi media decoration piece on the Altenew new release blog hop. For the background, I used a hologram heat embossing powder. In the end, it just looks like sparkly paper. I covered the whole piece! The leaves are from Catherine Pooler‘s Perfect Reason Stamp of Approval Collection. I used a sponge brayer with two green color inks (also from CP) before cutting out the leaves and adding lines.

Comfort and Healing - Pink Close Diag

This one shows that shimmery shine a little more. And, some close ups on the blue flowers, too.

Hopefully these will bring some comfort to those who receive them.


Fancy Folding by the Sea

Would you believe me when I say a 6-year old made this?

Reese Fancy Fold - Full

Well, she did! We needed a birthday card for her friend, and she saw this ‘fancy folding’ card. She was determined to make one (and we didn’t have much time!).

She watched a StampNation video, to learn some of the steps. She made all of the paper choices (her friend likes the beach and fish), she did all of the cuts (with some measuring help from me), and she did the scoring! She even cut out the little fish, to pop them up.

Reese Fancy Fold - Holding

The little pearls are the fish bubbles (of course).

Most of the supplies used on this card are from Stampin’ Up. How perfect are those papers with the water, the fish, and the seashells?! The ‘fancy fold’ idea is one I’ve done before, but was recently posted on Catherine Pooler’s StampNation site. I guess you could say we were inspired! Just wanted to share:)