About Us


We’ve been a crafting family for years. My mom was a “scrapbooker” and a stamper when I was young… her goal was to create albums for graduation. Funny how she kind of stopped after that. BUT she passed on a tradition that I’m forever grateful for (along with all of her supplies!).

I love creating scrapbook layouts, decorations, and cards. Most recently I focus on cards because they are quick bits of satisfaction. And most of all, I love crafting with my two beautiful daughters – and passing along this passion to the next generation.

We hope you’ll enjoy our projects, and our fun, as we grow and learn together!



Hi! I’m Gwen. I am one of the girls who posts on Kids Crafts. I am 10 years old. I absolutely LOVE crafting and baking.  Those are some of my things. I have a younger sister named Reese. We like to craft together.


Hi! my name is Reese. I am 6 years old. I am the other girl who posts on Kids Crafts.