Lots and Lots of Shaving Cream

Not too long ago, a friend of mine shared a link for making shaving cream paper art… I couldn’t resist (Thanks, Vicki!). Turns out that shaving cream has many great uses – who knew! Making slime, cheap fun for kids to spray, and making the coolest marbled papers.

Okay, so I did let the kids make slime with it, but together, we made the awesome paper you’re seeing as the background for these cards that I can’t wait to share!

I mean – isn’t that so COOL??

This was our mixing process. We put the shaving cream in a shallow bowl and added dots of re-inker from Catherine Pooler Designs. The colors are so beautiful. I asked the girls to pick our colors and they were going for a mermaid background, so we went with blues and purples. This was only slightly messy, and super easy, and so beautiful in the end. I think I’ll try this again and again. It also smelled really good!

shaving cream cards - owl 2

I just kept making more and more cards with these backgrounds. This one has my favorite owl set from Lil’ Inker Designs.

shaving cream cards - mermaid with props

Here is a closer pic of the mermaid – stamp set by Hero Arts (monthly kit for May or June, I think). And two of the CP inks we used. Doesn’t that marble look amazing?!

shaving cream cards - happy bday with props

I know I keep going and going. Here’s a more muted marble, so I put a flower that I had colored in, from Catherine Pooler’s Beautiful You stamp set.

I could save some for another post – but I’m too excited to share these last two… so here goes.

shaving cream cards - medallion due

I’m in love with them! I used the cut outs from the marble papers. And a new medallion die-cut from Catherine Pooler Designs. I love this medallion and I have another medallion stamp set that I haven’t played with yet… more to come on that. For now, I used a black full cut-out, and on the white one, I just embossed it onto the card, instead of cutting all the way through. I just love the look. Did I already say ‘love’ a lot??

shaving cream cards - medallion emboss close

You can see the indents still have traces of black because I embossed this right after cutting out the black one. I have other plans for trying this more and more, very soon.

shaving cream cards - medallion emboss

shaving cream cards - medallion heart

This post could be the longest one yet. Sorry about that, but hope you’ve enjoyed. Try this shaving cream technique – it was so much fun from start to finish!



4 thoughts on “Lots and Lots of Shaving Cream

  1. Beth Karschnick says:

    Love all these cards! So much fun!!! Do you just dip the cardstock into the shaving cream mixture? Wasn’t quite sure what to do once the shaving cream and color was mixed together. Thanks for sharing!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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