Fireworks in a Background Kinda Way

Wishing you a very happy 4th of July! This long weekend has been amazing!

Another amazing thing – these cool background cards I made. I am way too excited to show them off. Again, I took a tip from Jennifer McGuire to use a lot of watercolor paint and then put a pile of saran wrap on top, while it dries. This creates the awesome background design.

Naturally Inspired - Watercolor Saran

I think I’ll be trying it again soon. I bought a whole role of saran wrap… just for crafting. As my mother knows, I’m a press n’seal kinda household. Maybe I’ll give her my leftover saran wrap. haha.

Naturally Inspired - Watercolor Saran - Night Sky - Close

I used Catherine Pooler’s Naturally Inspired SOA collection. There is so much in the set.

Naturally Inspired - Watercolor Saran - White Border

Sorry I don’t have a fireworks card to share on this celebratory day. Maybe I will make one today. Hope you enjoy the holiday!




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