Naturally Inspired with Catherine Pooler

The weekend has finally come! And, I finally had some time to get naturally inspired with Catherine Pooler’s latest Stamp of Approval collection.

Naturally Inspired 1

These were also inspired by Jennifer McGuire. Recently, she showed how to use just the pieces from a larger die-cut, and to glue them into place. When I saw that video, I knew I wanted to try it with CP’s spiral doily die-cut. I love how it turned out! I also did the leaves two different ways. One stamped normally, and one with a drag on the ink. I like how it looks lined.

I couldn’t stop there. I had to play with the feather image from the SOA collection, too.

Naturally Inspired 8

For my birthday, I got a few more of CP’s ink colors. These are from her spring collection. I hand cut the feathers, but it wasn’t too bad. The flourish behind is a 2nd generation stamping, to get the faded coloring. It was super simple and I love how it turned out! Hope you do, too. 🙂


I have some birthday thank-you’s to write (am WAY behind on that!). I think these will do just fine, for thank you notes. My friends and family are the best, so it’s perfect.

There is more to share, but I’ll save it for another lovely day. And, I’m not even half way through that SOA box… Happy July!



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