kids crafts: totally awesome and Fit-Story

Hey, its Gwen here! yes~we made a totally awesome card!! First, I stamped “totally awesome” on my card. I do like putting my stamps in the corner instead of the middle for some reason. I believe it makes a difference. Then, I cut out some flowers and vines. (you really can use any die-cut that you like!) You also might want a bigger die-cut in the background of the card. Like my polka-dots. After that, I grabbed some coordinating colors (Blue, pink and purple, which are my favorites), and just padded them on top of the cut-outs. Then you have to put it together on the card base. KAPOW!! now you have a card that says “totally awesome!!”


I also have been going through something at school called Fit-Story. We have learned throughout the year all about the city of Buffalo and now, we walk through all the historic places we’ve learned about.  Its not as easy as it seems… we walk 39 miles in one week!!! This has started on Monday and its not over yet!! I am barely surviving! At least, tomorrow we get to go inside some cool mansions. WITH AIR CONDITIONING!!! I know I got so of topic and I hope you enjoy the card!!

~later, Gwen


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