Fancy Folding by the Sea

Would you believe me when I say a 6-year old made this?

Reese Fancy Fold - Full

Well, she did! We needed a birthday card for her friend, and she saw this ‘fancy folding’ card. She was determined to make one (and we didn’t have much time!).

She watched a StampNation video, to learn some of the steps. She made all of the paper choices (her friend likes the beach and fish), she did all of the cuts (with some measuring help from me), and she did the scoring! She even cut out the little fish, to pop them up.

Reese Fancy Fold - Holding

The little pearls are the fish bubbles (of course).

Most of the supplies used on this card are from Stampin’ Up. How perfect are those papers with the water, the fish, and the seashells?! The ‘fancy fold’ idea is one I’ve done before, but was recently posted on Catherine Pooler’s StampNation site. I guess you could say we were inspired! Just wanted to share:)



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