Catherine Pooler’s The Perfect Reason Peacock

Doesn’t it feel like a Friday? I think so. 🙂

Today I’m excited to share more ideas using Catherine Pooler’s The Perfect Reason collection. This time, I focused on the peacock set.

I’ve been wanting to try out the idea of embossing, and then masking off a certain area to add the ink to. On this first card, I got halfway through and realized I forgot the mask part. Oops. So, I took the colors (Catherine Pooler inks) all the way off the page. These are Party Dress, Flirty Fuschia, and Tiara.

CP Reason - Get Well

Now on this second card, I did the masking! It’s a scallop circle masked off, around the feathers. With both of these cards, I wanted it to look like the features were really standing up behind the peacock.

CP Reason - Don't Need

I have more from The Perfect Reason… so you might see even more coming up soon. Happy Friday! hahaha.


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