Craft Time: Altenew Inspiration Challenge… Can’t Stop

I know, I know. More Altenew!! Can’t get enough.

I think I warned you that I wanted to play with my new Altenew goodies. So, here is another. I might stop for now after this one. We’ll see…

Altenew Stencil - Thinking of you

For this one, I did use an embossing paste and mixed just a touch of yellow into it. It turned golden and has the pearl shimmer to it. I used more of the white Nuvo drops. I wanted to add something around the circle area, and I have these small petal flowers from Stampin’ Up. They matched (kind of) the look of the other flower petals, so I went with it! Inks are all from Catherine Pooler Designs.

I’m entering it into the April Inspiration Challenge!


I made another card, but completely CASEd it from Jennifer McGuire. I couldn’t help it. I only have the stencils, not the die plates, so I realized mine would look different, unless I could get the stencil pattern to show up in reverse. So, I did the base stencil like normal, and then I smooshed it on top of the embossing paste from the card above, to see if I could just pick up the outlines of that stencil. It worked somewhat… but not perfectly. I still like how it turned out!

Altenew Stencil - Heart

And I just have to share this fun little card. I have Ellen Hutson’s Otter set and I love it, too. I smudged the sentiment a bit, but I still love the card and thought I’d share. I’m making a set of otter cards to give to my mom, who has an interesting love of otters. Also, I used the Stampin’ Up wreath here and I really liked how it created an inner tube for the otters to float on. Always happy to find another use for a wreath stamp!

Ellen Hutson - Otter Slide

That’s all for tonight! Cheers!


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