Concord & 9th with Ellen Hutson – Otters Meet Dahlias!


Oh my goodness – how cute is this?!! If you’ve been watching the last few posts, you probably think I need to do something OTHER than the Dahlia turn-about stamp from Concord & 9th.

I’m not sure I’m ready to stop, though. LOL.


This time, I have paired it up with the Otter collection from Ellen Hutson. I love how they go together and how the dahlia provides the perfect backdrop for the cutest otter.

Originally, I was just going to have the dahlia on the rounded tag cut. But then, I added the second half behind and I love how it turned out.


This photo shows the silver wink of stella I added to the fish and the lighter blue petals. Sparkle!

Also, when I’m doing the turn about, I haven’t been using the Misti. For the most part, I’ve gotten the hang of just rotating it and stamping where it fits. I really love this set.


The inks I used are all Catherine Pooler Designs. I believe I used most of the blues… Aquatini, It’s a Boy, Daydream (my favorite!!), and Royal Treatment.

I’ll be entering this into the Ellen Hutson Mix it Up challenge. I made it just in time (hope I’m not too late!)!!







Using Paper Scraps for Fresh Looks


I’m back, with more Dahlias… and a few other items to share. Do you love this as much as I do??!!


As I mentioned in an earlier post, I just had to have this Dahlia turn-about from Concord & 9th. Had to! And now you see why.

Last week, I created a stencil of the die-cut so I could use it to sponge or watercolor through. This week, I cut out all of the petals and kept them. I lined up my stencil and placed the cuts back into formation. This is a tip I saw Jennifer McGuire do not long ago. Makes perfect sense!


You might also notice a dry embossed medallion in the background, too. That is from Catherine Pooler Designs. I loved that at first site, too. I ran that through as an embossed design to use as an extra detail around the Dahlia.


So let’s back up a step. Before I did any of the die-cuts, I created panels of strips of coordinating papers. The papers are from Stampin’ Up. They look so great together! I took my panels and cut the die-cuts from it, to create the multi layered coloring for the “&”. This is a tip I found within CP’s StampNation. I’ve done it before, but it was great to have a quick tutorial and try a few new things. I think they turned out perfectly!


The “&” die-cut and the stamp set to go with it are both by CPDesigns. I embossed the backgrounds and added some tiny black flowers (from a Stampin’ Up punch).


I let my youngest play with the camera to help me out today. She did a great job. This image down below, of all of the cards, is hers! Thanks, Reese!


I’m entering this Dahlia card into a challenge on the Where Creativity Meets C9 blog for using Concord & 9th products. This IS my first Concord & 9th product. I love their items, but this was the first I bought. And as you can tell – I LOVE it!!






All About the Dahlia… and Being Amazing


Yes, my daughters… you are amazing.

I made a couple of cards with Concord & 9th’s amazing Dahlia Turnabout collection. When I first saw this, I had to have it. I played with the set in a few different ways for today’s post.

First of all, I love Dahlia flowers. I requested one for the window boxes around our house and my husband agreed. Aren’t they beautiful?

Window box dahlia

Maybe I’ll make another set with the yellow and orange colors. For now, I was working with light blue, deeper blue, and black/silver/gray. Catherine Pooler’s inks – It’s a Boy and Daydream. This ‘hello’ die cut is also from Catherine Pooler.


You may or may not know about this Dahlia set from Concord & 9th. It’s a turnabout stamp, which allows you to use up to 4 different colors as you stamp the flower. Plus, I have the die cut, which will only cut 1 of the 4 groupings, unless you want to cut more. I started by cutting one section and allowing the sparkly silver to shine through. Love it!

I used a stencil technique in this next one… I created my own stencil with the Dahlia die-cut (on acetate). Once I had that, I inked it up (resulting in the first card shown up above, which I sprayed with additional water to make it a bit blurry). Then, I laid watercolor paper on top of the stencil itself, to grab some of the delicate lines of the flower.


I let it get a little messy because I wanted some more color to show. This one isn’t my husband’s favorite, because of the mess. But I like it. And, my oldest daughter does, too. Remember, I said she was amazing. 🙂


Here’s another thing I did with dry embossing. This isn’t an easy die when you want to do the whole flower, because you have to line things up just right while cutting. But I made it work.


It made quite a nice set all together, don’t you think? This is a gift for one of my amazing friends. I hope she likes it! I sure had fun making them all.

I just want to say hello, hi friend, you’re amazing… 🙂 Mission accomplished.




Counting Down to Reindeer

Winterhaven Music - Silent Night - Close

We are getting close!! I can’t believe we have just a week left before the big holiday. Have I shared this card with you yet? I did a combination of cards… both gray and white. I like how they turned out!


The stamps and die-cuts (and inks, too!) are from Catherine Pooler’s SOA Winterhaven collection. There are a million possibilities with everything in the collection. I could create all day long for days, if I had the time. Wish I did!

Winterhaven Music - Joy to the World

I wanted the music background to be a bit faded on this card above, so this is second generation stamping. I went all gray and white, and chose a pop of color. For this one, it was blue and I love how it stands out.

Winterhaven Music - Silent Night

Here, I went for 1st generation stamping on gray, with a pop of red and I love how it looks! I did trim the Santa sleigh and reindeer by hand. So cute.

Winterhaven Music - Joy to the World - Close

The snowflakes are part of the die-cut set that goes along with the tag shape. Lots of snow up here in the North where I live, so this card is perfect for me.

Enjoy the winter days!




Sooo Many Medallions

Last week, I cut out soooo many medallions. And now, I get to show what I turned them into!

Are you as excited as I am?!!

My children weren’t so sure about them. At first, they asked if I could create something more exciting.

I think these ARE exciting!

They finally admitted to liking some of them. This one is my favorite. I cut out the medallion and put it back in place. A perfect backdrop for the poinsettia.

I cut a circle out of the center of these larger die cuts (both medallion die cuts are from CPDesigns). This way, I could layer my medallion stamps inside. I went for a holiday theme and used the new spa collection inks from CPDesigns.

This version is a little more ‘busy’. I cut a small circle on the inside so I could layer in my holiday colors.

Did I mention how much fun these were?

Hoping you enjoy… and find the joy in today.



Decorating with a Full Moon – and – CP’s SOA Winterhaven Collection

It’s December! And we have been decorating!!!!

The last couple of days have also welcomed a full moon. So, the decorating has been a little bit crazy with my two little crafters. I believe in the full moon crazy. I do.

Decorating this year felt a little different for me. Each piece that we brought out of storage truly has a story. I remembered so many people who have been part of our lives throughout the years. Ornaments they had given. Gifts they had given. Love they had given. Sappy, I know. But it was truly magical!

And so is this card (to me!):

Ornamental Background - Aqua

The background stamp is called Ornamental Background, by CPDesigns. As soon as I saw it, I knew I wanted to do something like this with it – covering up peaks and valleys to create a different kind of background.

Ornamental Background - Pink

I had so much fun making this vision come to life. All of the stamps are from Catherine Pooler’s last Stamp of Approval Winterhaven collection.

Ornamental Background - Aqua with SOA

Love it! I used CP inks as well, but I always do that:) I hand cut the Santa and reindeer. They are adorable.

How much fun! Just like decorating the house this weekend. I hope you experience some of the holiday magic, too!





Individual Pumpkin Pies

Even though Thanksgiving has come and gone, I need to share this super cute pumpkin pie cookie with you!

A few things that are great about this…

1. It was so easy.

2. Kids can help (and mine loved it).

3. It was perfectly delicious!

Okay, so we might have gone overboard with the whip cream. But hey, that is my fellow bakers’ favorite part!

We weren’t going to make full pumpkin pies at our house this year, but I wanted to do something similar. I found this recipe on Pinterest. It was basically a small filling that was thicker than normal pie. And we cut regular pie crusts with a circle cookie cutter. Bake and viola!

The result? Baby pumpkin pies that everyone loved!

Happy last day of November!


Happy Thanksgiving… Enjoy Your Blessings

We are blessed. Thanks for your support of our crafting blog. We hope you enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday!

Blessed Close

Just a quick note on what I was trying to do on this card… I was doing a partial die cut of the leaves, and then doing the circle cut around, but to keep the leaves attached to the bottom of the circle. It didn’t work out perfectly, so I added more leaves from regular cut outs. I ended up loving how it turned out.

Blessed 2

I cut out the word ‘blessed’ by hand. I previously stamped it on top of the stenciled background. Kind of gave it a cool look!

Have a lovely and safe holiday!



A Pineapple Hello

Hello and welcome!

Hello Pineapple - Lattice Die Window - Close

I don’t love to eat pineapples. But I love to craft with them. I love how these simple fruit cards have turned out!

Hello Pineapple - Group

I tried a couple of variations, to use a lattice background and to leave it plain. I like how all three of them turned out!

This one has a rounded tag die-cut and I layered some of the lattice cuts behind it. The ‘hello,’ the fruit, and the lattice die cut are all from Catherine Pooler Designs. The rounded tag is from Lil’ Inker Designs. Both companies that I love!

Hello Pineapple - Lattice Die Window

Hello Pineapple - Lattice Die Full

Super sweet, super easy. I do have some shimmer on the green part, but you can’t see it. Sorry about that! Hope you enjoy the rest!




Thankful and Grateful Reminders

We’re getting ready for some good family time, and thankful celebrations.

Leafy Quick Cards

Aren’t these simple, cute, and… thankful? I’m grateful for my stamping hobby and that I have such a lovely online community of crafters that love the same things I do!

Leafy Quick Cards - Group

And thankful for my friends and family who support my hobby… the time I spend doing my hobby, and the money to keep my hobby going. 🙂 🙂

Leafy Quick Cards - Close

I gave these cards to a friend of mine when we met for a quick lunch. Hopefully she sends or gives them to people she’s thankful for this season. I think I’ll make some more. I have a lot of people on my list to show our thankfulness for. Teachers, school staff who stand outside every morning (rain, snow or shine) to welcome in the kids, co-workers, friends…

The die-cuts and stamps used for these cards are from Catherine Pooler’s Stamp of Approval collection from the fall.

Happy pre-Thanksgiving week!